Take heart! I have overcome the world. — King Jesus

Below you’ll find English translations of our Chinese small group trainings. They’re all designed for two things:

  1. Individual & community transformation and/or skill acquisition, rather than mere knowledge transfer.
  2. Reproducibility. They’re easy to take part in and easy to lead, with low-or-no dependency on church/ministry professionals.

Feel free to use and share!

This site in Chinese:

(Simplified 简体)

(Traditional 繁體)

Spiritual Formation / Disciple Training

Encountering Spiritual Formation Small Group Guide

Exploring basic Christian spiritual practices together via Richard Foster’s Celebration of Discipline.

Words of Jesus (2.0) Small Group Experience

Soaking in and responding to Jesus’ core teachings about life in the Kingdom together.

BibleProject’s Church At Home Unofficial Chinese translation

“The coronavirus pandemic has disrupted our entire world. For most of us, this means we can’t gather with our local church community, so here’s something that could help.”

Words of Jesus (1.0) Disciple Training

Making real-life responses to Jesus’ teachings, sharing our experiences, encouraging and praying for one another.

Bible Reading, Interpretation & Application

BibleProject’s Read Scripture Reading Plan

A Chinese translation and arrangement of BibleProject’s innovative Read Scripture Reading Plan, which integrates BP videos with a semi-chronological guided read through the entire Bible, while daily praying the Psalms.

(We’ve provided extra links due to difficulty accessing this site in China.)

How to Read the Bible For All Its Worth — Small Group Study Guide

Putting basic but desperately needed biblical interpretation skills within reach of as many people as possible, via a small group process that breaks down Fee and Stuart’s How to Read into digestible pieces.

BibleProject’s Chinese video library

BibleProject’s entire Chinese video library, accessible from within China.

The Availability of Jesus’ Kingdom

Kingdom Discovery

[Coming soon…] Faithfully and accessibly conveying Jesus’ announcement of the availability of the Kingdom of God to Chinese hearts and minds. Communicating Gospel narratives that more naturally resonate within Eastern (and biblical!) worldviews and cultures, rather than merely translating distinctly Western gospels into Mandarin.

Sunday Talks

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Website Accessibility in China

None of these sites are blocked in China (yet), but websites hosted on foreign servers occasionally temporarily fail to load, especially during sensitive political anniversaries and events. When this happens, try switching between internet service providers (switch between data and WiFi or find other WiFi), or wait an hour or two (or a day or three) before trying again. Web browsers like Safari or Firefox work better than WeChat. Making sure the https:// is in the address bar also sometimes helps.

If you live in My words, then you truly are my disciples, and you will understand the truth, and the truth will set you free. — King Jesus
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